Unite worlds, maintain and multiply knowledge
The main function of this platform is an exchange of knowledge, abilities and skills

Neuron is a platform that will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to education worldwide and globalization.
Billiards of people, millions of abilities and skills, and access to an absolute amount of knowledge. This possibility used to seem unattainable without any financing but our platform provides it regardless of your income, physical features, and residence. Today we give you access to any knowledge of any possible abilities, skills, and jobs of our world. One platform makes up for millions of training courses and workshops. Everyone makes a contribution to the development of education worldwide and the union of the world. This platform erases all boundaries: territorial, political, psychological. Like-minded people will find each other and will promote their knowledge, abilities, and skills and teach them through joint efforts. Everyone gets an opportunity for continuous education and the only price for it is their knowledge. Unbounded wealth of knowledge is on one platform.


Our history started before the pandemic when an idea occurred to a man, which, from his point of view, will be able to transform and unite all people around the world. It took some time to find like-minded people and to structure and bring the idea through joint efforts to its logical representation. This idea evolved into something more significant, into a development path and a goal. Now we are ready to introduce this idea to you. It is widely known that one of the main responsibilities of humankind is to maintain and multiply knowledge inherited from predecessors.

In winter 2023 – autumn 2023 the user-friendly app with extended functions will be released for the full integration of the world

How the platform works

  • Feedback

    Fill in the form with your personal data and contacts and we will get in touch with you (name, phone number, e-mail).

  • What you are going to teach
    Fill in the name of your knowledge, ability, or skill. Choose your level of proficiency (beginner, amateur, professional).
  • What you would like to gain
    Fill in the name of knowledge, ability, or skill that you would like to learn.
  • Reliability
    A representative of the platform will contact you (text message, email or call) to confirm your details and intentions.
  • Result
    The platform representative connects you with the person whose knowledge/abilities/skills you have chosen to learn.
  • Languages
    The international orientation of the platform will allow more people to unite and exchange knowledge/abilities/skills of culture and life. Knowledge of a foreign language will allow you to take part in this as soon as possible (from the moment the international direction is launched).


The world union

Today we have an opportunity to gain knowledge, abilities, and skills from every corner of the world. We can master a skill even if the only person in the world has it. Everyone can teach others skills which will change their lives for good. That which used to seem impossible without moving to other place or financial investments today becomes reality. Everyone will give and get regardless its physical abilities and residence. Today we can prove to everybody and to ourselves that we all are a single whole. Our motto is “Skill for skill”. To provide continuous knowledge exchange is one of the goals and opportunities of this platform is.

Free of charge
No financial liabilities. Everyone contributes something useful to the world wealth of knowledge and experience, something that can solve problems, strengthen international friendship and improve the understanding of other cultures. All of this is essential to unite the world, to provide equal opportunities for everyone and to make a breakthrough in the way of communication. Nevertheless, everyone can express their gratitude in words or deeds, it is optional and depends on your willingness. Let’s support the aspiration for becoming better, more intelligent and more skillful.

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Unite worlds, maintain and multiply knowledge
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